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If you were injured in an accident at work, you may be eligible for financial compensation to pay for your medical bills and lost wages. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers represents workers who were injured on the job in Savannah and throughout Georgia, as well as family members who lost loved ones in fatal workplace accidents. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your family go up against an employer or company in pursuit of justice and fair financial recovery.

Why Hire a Savannah, Georgia Trial Attorney?

A certified trial attorney in Savannah, Georgia has the experience and capabilities necessary to maximize your financial outcome. Although most workplace injury cases in Georgia do not go to trial, the ability to do so can result in greater financial compensation for your injuries and medical bills. Your employer’s insurance company will want to avoid going to trial, even if this means offering a larger settlement. Having an experienced Savannah personal injury lawyer represent you can level the playing field and increase the odds of maximizing your monetary recovery.

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When Should I Hire a Savannah Workplace Injury Lawyer?

Any time you are injured at work, it’s always in your best interest to speak with a workers’ compensation attorney before doing anything. More specifically, though, you should hire a workplace injury lawyer in the following circumstances:

Your Claim Was Denied

Having your claim denied is a sign that you absolutely need to speak with a lawyer. Your claim could be denied for a number of reasons – for example, perhaps you didn’t report the injury on time, or your supervisor or boss is claiming that the injury didn’t take place while you were working. Regardless of the reason, a lawyer can help you determine why your claim was denied and what exactly you can do to remedy this situation. When you have a legal professional on your side, the insurance company and your boss are much more likely to take you seriously and not try to take advantage of you.

You Have a Pre-Existing Condition or Injury

If you were injured at work and it exacerbated a pre-existing condition or injury, you should speak with a lawyer before filing for workers’ compensation. It can be very difficult to be successful when you have a pre-existing condition, but it’s not impossible; an experienced lawyer can help you in this situation. The insurance company will almost certainly try to blame your injury on the pre-existing condition so they don’t have to pay you. Your experienced workplace injury attorney will make sure you have the best chance possible to receive the compensation and benefits you are entitled to. 

You’re Having Trouble Getting the Treatment You Need

Insurance companies often drag their feet or try to make it difficult for people injured at work to get the medical treatment or surgery they need. They can do this by delaying or denying your attempt to undergo a procedure by claiming they don’t think it’s necessary, or by simply taking a long time to get back to you about your treatment options and what they’re willing to payout. When you have a lawyer, you will almost certainly hear from the insurance company sooner, and your chances of success will be greater.

Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries in Savannah

In Savannah, the key industries are manufacturing, port and transportation, logistics and distribution, and construction. All of these industries come with job-specific hazards and injury risks. It is an employer’s legal responsibility to maintain a reasonably safe environment for workers. Failing to do so could lead to many different occupational disasters, including:

  • Construction site accidents
  • Crane collapses
  • Entanglement or entrapment
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Exposure to toxic or hazardous substances
  • Fires, burns, or electrocutions
  • Industrial accidents
  • Ladder and scaffolding falls
  • Maritime accidents
  • Overexertion/heatstroke
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Struck-by falling objects
  • Transportation accidents

A workplace accident could inflict life-changing injuries on a worker, including bone fractures, traumatic brain injuries, back and spinal cord injuries, dismemberment, hearing and vision loss, and internal injuries. The Savannah construction accident attorneys at Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers have experience representing workers in many different types of accident and injury claims.

What Types Of Workers Compensation Benefits Are Available For a Work Injury?

If you were injured at work, it’s possible that you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. It’s important to know what you’re entitled to so you can make sure you get everything you deserve. Typically, you can receive compensation for medical care, rehabilitation, disability benefits, and lost wages. Exactly how much you are entitled to depend on how much you were being paid at your job and how severe your injuries are/how long you will be out of work. 

For example, you might be eligible for temporary partial disability if you are unable to return to your work duties for a period of time and therefore need to accept less pay. In this case, you can receive disability payments for up to 350 weeks for a portion of your lost wages. 

If you are more severely injured and cannot work at all for a period of time, you may be eligible for temporary total disability. In this case, you should qualify for a portion of your compensation for up to 400 weeks. 

If you are injured so severely that you’re never able to return to work, you could be eligible for permanent total disability. In this case, you would be able to receive a portion of your compensation indefinitely. 

No matter what your injuries are and what compensation you think you should be entitled to, it’s crucial to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney for assistance. They can help you file all the necessary documents and ensure that your rights are being upheld. 

When to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Savannah

Under Georgia’s workers’ compensation program, you may be eligible for financial recovery whether or not someone else caused your workplace injury. Workers’ compensation is a no-fault program that can result in financial benefits for your medical bills, lost wages, and temporary or permanent disability without the need to prove that someone is at fault for your injuries.

If your lawyer finds proof of negligence, however, you may be eligible for greater financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. In the civil justice system, negligence refers to the careless failure to act in a reasonable manner, resulting in injuries to others. If your employer, a coworker, a contractor, or another party was negligent and this caused your workplace injury, you may have grounds to file an injury lawsuit instead of or in addition to a workers’ comp claim.

What Should I Do After a Workplace Accident in Georgia?

It is important to take certain steps in the immediate aftermath of a workplace accident in Georgia. First, report your accident to your employer or a floor supervisor. If you don’t report your accident and injuries on time, you will be barred from recovering workers’ compensation benefits, even if you otherwise would have been entitled to them. In Savannah Georgia, you need to report your injuries within 30 days. Take photographs of the scene where your injury took place. Then, go to the closest hospital for injuries that constitute an emergency. Otherwise, ask your employer for a list of approved doctors (often called a panel of physicians) where you may receive medical care. It’s important to make sure that you are receiving treatment from an approved medical provider, otherwise, you could be forced to pay for this treatment out of your own pocket. 

Additionally, it’s important to collect copies of documents such as your accident report and medical records. When you speak with a lawyer, they will want to review this information so they can help you as much as possible with your claim. Finally, consult with a workplace injury attorney in Savannah before continuing with an insurance claim. Taking the correct actions can improve your chances of a successful insurance claim or lawsuit. Many claims are denied first, especially if the worker doesn’t have an attorney on their side. Hiring an experienced lawyer right away could end up saving you a lot of time and trouble with your claim. 

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