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Personal injury

Personal injury

Our client was was physically assaulted in a bar. We reached a verdict of $2.03m on this case.

largest injury verdict in Chatham County


medical malpractice

medical malpractice

This is a record-setting verdict on a medical malpractice case in Savannah/Chatham County.


Car accident

Car accident

Our client suffered from a broken femur treated with multiple surgeries due to a car wreck.

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Drivers, corporations, doctors and other parties have a legal obligation to act with care and in a reasonable manner to prevent injuries to others. When a person or party violates this responsibility, accidents, injuries and deaths can happen. If you are the victim of a recent accident in Georgia, Florida or South Carolina, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the at-fault party.

Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers has been providing top-level litigation work for families and individuals for more than 20 years. Our trial attorneys are recognized as some of the best in the industry, with a strong courtroom record of success. We accept many different types of cases, including personal injury, car accidents, maritime injuries, workplace accidents and business disputes. Contact us to find out if you have a case during a free consultation.

Why Choose Us?

  • We maintain a small caseload so that we can provide individual attention to each case.
  • Our trial lawyers have significant experience taking on large corporations and winning.
  • You will stay in constant communication with your personal injury lawyer.
  • We use proven legal strategies to obtain the best possible outcomes for our clients.
  • Our personal injury attorneys operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning no fees are charged unless we recover financial compensation on your behalf.

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At Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers, we have extensive experience representing injured accident victims that we can put to use during your injury claim. Our trial attorneys can help you understand your legal rights and pursue the financial compensation that you deserve. Call (912) 335-1909 or contact us online today to request a free case review. We represent clients throughout Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

The Lawyers at Bowen Painter recovered $18 Million for their client; the largest injury verdict in Chatham County history.

we have extensive experience representing injured accident
victims that we can put to use during your injury claim.

What to Look for in Your Personal Injury Attorney

An accident can inflict severe injuries that permanently alter your life. With so much on the line, it is critical to find a Savannah personal injury attorney who can properly represent you. If you believe you have a case, schedule free consultations with a few top choices in your city. Ask questions to get to know the attorney better. Find out if the attorney has everything that you need for powerful representation, such as:

  • Experience in your practice area and accident type
  • Trial capabilities and resources
  • Relationships to local judges and courts
  • A commitment to client success
  • Positive past results and verdicts
  • Honest and friendly attorneys
  • Reasonable and affordable fees
  • Free initial case consultation

The Savannah car accident attorney you hire should have confidence in his or her ability to successfully handle your case, even if complications arise. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers works with a broad spectrum of clients and has a record of success that demonstrates our skill, expertise, and dedication to justice.

Do You Have a Case?

You may have grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit in Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina if someone else negligently or recklessly caused your accident and injury. The definition of negligence is a failure to act with a reasonable amount of care, resulting in harm to others. If you suspect that someone else was negligent, such as a driver behaving carelessly behind the wheel, that party may be financially responsible (liable) for your losses. Our personal injury attorneys can let you know if you have a case during a free consultation.

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Why Hiring a Trial Attorney Matters

A certified trial attorney has experience, training and capabilities that a non-trial lawyer does not. The ability to go to trial is a powerful and important tool during a personal injury case. Insurance companies want to avoid trials, which can be lengthy and expensive for them. A reputation as a trial law firm can result in larger and more fair settlements due to the threat of going to trial. Moreover, a trial lawyer will prepare a case as if it is going to trial, meaning you will have a stronger case and a lawyer who does not overlook any important evidence or details.