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At Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers, our attorneys can guide you through the legal process if you were injured in an accident. Our trial attorneys have more than 20 years of experience representing clients in Savannah and throughout the coastal region of Georgia. If another person’s carelessness or recklessness led to uncertainty about your future, we can help you hold the wrongdoer accountable.

Our Savannah personal injury attorneys will fight to make sure you are fairly compensated for your accident. Request a free initial case evaluation in Savannah today. Call (912) 335-1909 to speak to a member of our team of experienced trial lawyers.

Why Choose Us

  • We have a long record of success, including the largest injury verdict obtained in Chatham County’s history ($18 million). Our results showcase our skill and commitment.
  • Our attorneys prioritize communication. We aim to always provide regular case updates that keep our clients informed about their injury claims every step of the way.
  • We make our legal services affordable by operating on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t pay your Savannah personal injury lawyer unless we obtain financial compensation on your behalf.

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Do I Need a Savannah Personal Injury Attorney?

No law in Georgia requires you to hire a personal injury lawyer for representation. Representing yourself, however, can come with disadvantages that make it much more difficult to obtain fair financial compensation. Insurance companies know that they can more easily take advantage of unrepresented claimants, and will often do so in an attempt to save themselves money.

Hiring an attorney allows you to level the playing field. Your lawyer will aggressively negotiate for the financial recovery that you need to pay for your current and future needs. The right attorney can also take your case to trial, if necessary, for maximum compensation. It is especially important to hire an attorney if you or a loved one has a catastrophic injury that will result in expensive medical care or lost wages in the future.

Why Hiring a Trial Lawyer Matters

Hiring an attorney with trial capabilities can make an important difference to your personal injury case. When an insurance company learns that your attorney has the power to go to trial, it is more likely to offer a fair settlement. This is because the threat of a trial – and the potential cost of litigation – is often enough to make the insurance company more willing to achieve a settlement. A trial attorney will also help you build a stronger and more compelling claim, as trial lawyers pay special attention to the details.

Do I Have a Case?

A personal injury lawsuit in Georgia seeks to hold one or more parties liable, or financially responsible, for a preventable accident. As the injured party or plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, it is your burden to prove that the other party (the defendant) more likely than not caused your injury through an act of negligence. Negligence in personal injury law refers to carelessness that results in injury or harm to others.

The legal doctrine of negligence consists of four elements:

  1. The existence of a duty of care. A duty of care is an obligation to behave safely and prudently based on the scenario.
  2. A breach or violation of the duty of care. A breach of the duty of care can refer to any act or failure to act that a reasonable party would not have committed in the same circumstances.
  3. A resulting injury. The plaintiff must have suffered compensable losses or damages, such as an injury, disability or lost wages, in the accident.
  4. Causation. There must be a causal link between the breach of duty of care and the plaintiff’s injury. In other words, the injury would not have happened but for the defendant.

You or your attorney will need to prove these elements based on a preponderance of the evidence, meaning enough evidence to show that the defendant caused your accident with at least 50 percent certainty.

Types of Cases We Accept in Savannah, GA

Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers has been representing victims and their families for many years. In this time, we have gained valuable experience in many different practice areas within the subset of personal injury law. Our team of certified trial attorneys specializes in catastrophic injury lawsuits, complex product liability claims, maritime injuries, and more. We accept cases in all of the following practice areas:

  • Car accidents
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Premises liability accidents
  • Slip, trip, and fall accidents
  • Defective product injuries
  • Automotive recalls
  • Workplace accidents and industrial injuries
  • Medical malpractice
  • Serious and catastrophic injuries
  • Wrongful death claims

We are very selective in the cases that we accept. We maintain a small caseload so that we can provide the attention and legal resources that each client needs and deserves. Our attorneys have experience taking on large corporations in and out of the courtroom and winning; we can help you go up against any defendant in any type of personal injury case in Savannah.

What Damages Are Recoverable in a Personal Injury Case in Savannah?

If you did not cause the accident that injured you, you should not have to pay out of pocket for your related medical bills and other losses. This is the stance we take at Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers. We are passionate about holding individuals and corporations responsible for the injuries and deaths that they cause. Our trial lawyers will fight to obtain maximum financial compensation for all of your losses, which may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Past and future lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Out-of-pocket costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages

Every case is unique, meaning that no average settlement amount will accurately represent how much your case might be worth. Furthermore, an insurance company may intentionally devalue your claim (diminish its value) in an attempt to save money. It is important to discuss the value of your case in more detail with an attorney before accepting a settlement.

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