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Corporations have legal obligations to be proactive about maintaining their equipment, facilities, and properties, and ensuring the safe use and occupation of each. When they fail to do so, injuries and wrongful deaths occur to victims on job sites, production facility floors, in company vehicles, restrooms and break rooms, offices, parking lots, loading docks, sidewalks, and other public spaces.

Industrial injuries can result from incidents ranging from catastrophic events like explosions, meltdowns, and chemical spills to more isolated events such as collisions in company-owned vehicles, injuries by heavy machinery, electrical shocks, or faulty construction ladders and scaffolding.

These injuries can be extremely serious and range from internal bleeding, blunt head trauma, spinal cord injuries, broken bones or teeth, paralysis, permanent disfigurement, or even death.

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In just the past few years Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers has won millions in judgments in settlements for our clients from industrial injuries claims. Our personal injury attorneys in Savannah will investigate the unique complexities of every claim extensively and deliver a compelling case that fights for a victim’s rights and earns the highest possible value for just compensation. Contact our industrial injury lawyers in Savannah today online or call us at (912) 335-1909 for a free case evaluation.

IMPORTANT:  Even if you were injured on the job, you may not be limited to recovering only from worker’s compensation.  We specialize in investigating on-the-job injuries to determine whether there are wrongdoers who we can hold responsible for your injuries so you can be fully compensated for your loss.  DO NOT LET YOUR EMPLOYER TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE LIMITED TO A WORKER’S COMPENSATION RECOVERY WITHOUT TALKING TO US.