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If you encounter any disputes or legal issues while running your business – including conflicts with other companies, business partners, vendors, and employees – you may find yourself entrenched in costly and time-consuming litigation. Rather than allowing a business dispute to drain your company’s resources and risk your profits, contact Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers to get an experienced business litigation attorney on the case.

We can help you with any type of business negotiation or dispute, allowing you to focus your energy on maintaining a business. Request your free case consultation today at (912) 335-1909 or contact us here.

Why Choose Us

  • We are local to Savannah and have been practicing business law for more than 20 years.
  • We have extensive courtroom experience and can take your business dispute to trial, if necessary.
  • Our Savannah personal injury attorneys keep their caseloads small to dedicate individualized attention to each client.
  • We have over a 95 percent success rate. All lawyers at our firm have been ranked as “Superlawyers.”
  • Our attorneys offer free initial case consultations. If we can’t help you, we will direct you to someone who can.

Savannah Business Litigation Resources

How Is Business Litigation Different From Traditional Litigation?

Business law is its own practice area that is separate and different from standard litigation. Corporations and LLCs are governed by special state and federal laws. Businesses have different duties and responsibilities. It is important to hire an attorney who specifically practices in business litigation, as these cases are unique and require special knowledge of business law.

The right attorney can help you with litigation to resolve your complex business dispute or can use mediation or arbitration (alternative dispute resolution methods) instead of litigation to save you time and money. Your lawyer will make sure that your rights and business are completely protected during a lawsuit.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Trial Attorney for Business Litigation?

Hiring a trial attorney to represent you and handle your business dispute can make an important difference to your case compared to a non-trial attorney. A trial attorney offers many advantages over a lawyer who is not certified to go to court in Georgia, including:

  • More attention to detail. A trial attorney will prepare a business dispute case as if it will go to court, even if the attorney is aiming for a settlement. Preparing a business litigation case for trial is a detailed process. Your lawyer will pay attention to important evidence and build as strong a case as possible on your behalf.
  • Greater negotiating power. A trial attorney can go up against a corporation or another defendant in court and win if the defendant does not offer a fair settlement. The trial law firm’s reputation among adversaries is often enough to motivate a defendant to compromise and reach a settlement, as the defendant will wish to avoid the time and expense of a trial.
  • A history of successful results. An experienced trial attorney will have a history of successful settlements and jury verdicts that prove his or her capabilities. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers, for example, obtained an $18 million verdict at trial on a past case – the largest verdict ever recorded in Chatham County, Georgia. Trial experience can prove that a law firm has what it takes to litigate a case and win.

The right business litigation lawyer can effectively handle your legal matter while protecting your business and professional interests. A trial attorney will have the experience, resources, and connections to courts and judges to quickly and efficiently resolve your conflict with minimal impact on you and your business.

Types of Cases We Handle at Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers

At Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers, our Savannah business litigation attorneys understand all of the nuanced issues that this practice area entails. We have been helping our business clients resolve even the most complex problems in a professional and confidential manner for many years. Our business litigation attorneys can handle all of the following types of cases, and more:

If you have encountered any type of issue that is jeopardizing your company or preventing you from meeting your business objectives, consult with a business litigation attorney in Savannah right away. Whether you own a franchise, a family-owned business or a major corporation, the right attorney can help you pave the road to a brighter future for your company.

How Can We Help?

Business litigation is a complicated practice area. The typical case involves investigating evidence, analyzing many business documents, consulting with experts and coming up with creative legal solutions. The best way to handle a business dispute while also protecting your company and hard-earned assets is by hiring an experienced business litigation attorney in Savannah, Georgia to represent you.

Our business litigation attorneys will work closely with you to fully understand the issue at hand, including how it may impact your company’s assets, reputation and financial health. Then, we will work relentlessly to come up with creative solutions for your specific issue. Our lawyers can help if someone has stolen your intellectual property, unlawfully disseminated your trade secrets, broken a contract, ruined your company’s good name or committed another wrongful act that puts your business at risk.

Our lawyers can draft business contracts, take over negotiations with another party on your behalf, handle mediation, customize a legal solution and even take your case to trial in Savannah, if necessary. We have experience navigating a wide variety of business disputes in both state and federal courts. Our attorneys will identify your unique needs in your company’s market, provide a personal touch and aggressively represent your rights with powerful advocacy that is focused on achieving your goals.

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Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers know how to protect your business’s name and reputation, your workforce, and your company’s financial future. We can carefully navigate your business litigation case and pursue your goals while also advocating for your best interests. We focus on maximizing the value of litigation through creative and mutually beneficial solutions that work for all parties involved.

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