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Defamation is serious wrongdoing that can ruin your reputation and hurt your business. In severe cases, libel and slander can cause irreversible harm to your personal and professional life. If you believe you are the victim of libel or slander, our Savannah defamation, libel, and slander attorneys can provide tailored legal assistance. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers represents victims of defamation throughout the coastal regions of Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. Contact us today to learn more about your case during a free consultation.

What Can a Trial Attorney Do for You?

Do not take defamation lightly. Your company’s reputation is one of its most important assets. Slanderous statements can destroy your good name and lead to a dramatic decrease in your company’s profitability. The law in Georgia protects you from libel and slander and gives you certain legal remedies as the victim of defamation. It is critical to hire an experienced business litigation attorney to pursue these remedies on your behalf.

An attorney from Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers can go up against any defendant, including large corporations and powerful adversaries that believe they can bully you. We have trial capabilities, meaning we can represent you at court if the defendant refuses to settle your case fairly. Our reputation for going to trial and winning impressive verdicts means that the adversaries we face often offer larger, more fair settlements to resolve business disputes.

What Is Defamation?

Defamation refers to the act of damaging a person or business’s reputation. It does not refer to true statements made about an individual or someone stating his or her opinion, such as a negative review of a business. Instead, defamation is the spreading of falsehoods about a victim to harm that person’s reputation.

Libel vs. Slander

Libel and slander are the two types of defamation. Under Georgia law, libel is described as false and malicious statements that could injure the victim’s reputation and expose the person to ridicule or contempt. Libel specifically refers to defamatory statements put in writing, print, signs or visual depictions.

Slander refers to verbal statements that are said to a third party – a party that is not the defendant or plaintiff – that are meant to harm the victim’s reputation. Examples include accusing the victim of a crime, claiming that the victim has a communicable disease or slandering the victim’s professional reputation.

How Do You Prove a Defamation Lawsuit?

The burden of proof rests with you as the filing party during a civil claim in Georgia. Proving a defamation lawsuit requires clear and convincing evidence of four main elements:

  1. The statement is factually false. A true statement cannot be considered defamation. The statement must be false but purporting to be a fact.
  2. The statement was communicated to a third party. The alleged libel or slander must have been published, broadcasted, or otherwise communicated to a third party.
  3. The defendant is at fault. The defendant must have negligently or intentionally spread the falsehood.
  4. You suffered calculable losses. Finally, your lawyer must prove that you suffered calculable losses due to the defamation, such as reduced business profitability or emotional distress.

If you believe you have grounds to file a defamation lawsuit against one or more parties in Georgia, work with an attorney to gather enough evidence to prove your case based on a preponderance of the evidence. This burden of proof means enough evidence to demonstrate a defendant is liable with at least a 50 percent likelihood.

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