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Intellectual property is one of a company’s most important assets. Intellectual property refers to ideas, artwork, designs, names and other creations of the mind – both tangible and intangible. If you believe that someone has violated your intellectual property rights, or if you have another related business issue, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers can help. We can also help you protect your intellectual property by developing patents. Contact our intellectual property claims lawyers today for a free case review in Savannah, Georgia.

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  • Our intellectual property claims attorneys have more than 20 years of experience.
  • We can work with some of the best patent attorneys in the region to develop patents.
  • Our Savannah personal injury lawyers have successfully prosecuted a number of patent infringement and trademark claims.
  • We offer our clients a unique combination of business experience and litigation expertise.
  • We operate on a contingency fee basis, with no upfront legal fees.

How Can a Savannah Intellectual Properties Claim Lawyer Help?

Intellectual property is at the core of a business’s operations. It contributes to critical elements of a business, such as consumer value, revenue, and reputation. Unfortunately, intellectual property infringements have become more commonplace in today’s high-technology economy. It has also become more difficult to protect your intellectual property and take legal action against an individual or company that has infringed upon your rights or stolen your ideas.

It is important to act quickly if you believe an infringement against your intellectual property rights has taken place, as this is one of your company’s most valuable resources. An experienced business litigation attorney can help you protect your intellectual property rights at every turn, from helping you develop a patent that safeguards your ideas to going up against one or more defendants for an alleged violation. An intellectual property claims lawyer in Savannah will aggressively defend your rights and take the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property without delay.

What Remedies Are Available for Intellectual Property Infringements in Georgia?

Georgia law takes intellectual property infringements seriously. As the victim of this type of offense, you have grounds to file a civil claim against the person or party who allegedly stole your intellectual property or otherwise infringed upon your rights. A civil claim aims to prove that an intellectual property infringement or violation took place and that you suffered compensable damages (losses) as a result.

If you or your business litigation lawyer can prove your intellectual property case as more likely to be true than not true – a burden of proof known as a preponderance of the evidence – you could receive a settlement or judgment award to pay you for the related losses that you and your business suffered. These losses may include lost business profitability, lost wages, lost productivity, legal costs, and damage to your reputation.

Can You Prevent an Intellectual Property Claim?

Preventing an intellectual property violation is always better than working to resolve a dispute after it has already occurred. As a business owner, you may be able to avoid intellectual property claims by developing internal processes to minimize your legal risk, constantly evaluating your current level of exposure and obtaining intellectual property insurance to protect against lawsuits. Our attorneys can help you avoid intellectual property claims by developing patents and creating legal contracts that can protect you.

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We understand the highly complex laws involved in this practice area and will work relentlessly to protect your intellectual property as a business or individual. For more information about this practice area and how we can help you with a related legal matter, schedule a free consultation with our business litigation attorneys in Savannah. Call (912) 335-1909 or contact us online today. We accept clients in the coastal regions of Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida.