College Park Personal Injury Attorney

No one expects an injury to occur while they’re going about their day, but injuries result from many types of hazards in our daily life. Any sudden injury is shocking and painful, but the pain and trauma compound when you learn your injury was caused by someone else’s negligence or purposeful wrongdoing. Then, as if an injury isn’t bad enough, often insurance companies take advantage and offer lowball settlements very soon after your injury before you fully understand the scope of your damages. Don’t fall for this common tactic.

If you’ve suffered an injury in College Park, Georgia, and the injury was entirely preventable had another party taken due diligence, the personal injury law team of Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers can serve as a bulwark between your family and insurance companies who don’t have your best interests as their priority. Reach out to our College Park law office today so we can begin strategizing your case to maximize compensation for your damages.

When is an Injury Actionable in Georgia?

There are many types of personal injury cases in Georgia. The state’s fault-based insurance law means the party at fault must pay for damages through the terms of their insurance policy. Typical personal injury cases in College Park include:

While some injuries are simple accidents that no one could foresee or prevent, other injuries are entirely preventable if it wasn’t for the actions or negligence of another. Financial compensation can’t erase the harm, but it can open doors for better medical treatment and reduce the financial impacts of an accident.

Liability in College Park Injury Cases

Georgia operates under a fault-based insurance system that requires the injured party to prove they were harmed as a direct result of someone else’s actions or negligence. Unlike some states where only your own insurance pays for property damage and personal injury, Georgia requires the party at fault to pay damages. But this also means the injured person must prove the other party liable. Often it takes a skilled personal injury attorney to provide evidence that insurance companies can’t refute. Proving liability requires showing that the defendant or at-fault party meets the following legal points showing their liability for an injury:

  • That they owed a duty of care to protect others through reasonable actions such as a hotel owner keeping up on the maintenance of elevators, or a driver’s responsibility to obey traffic signals
  • That they breached this duty by acting negligently or with purposeful wrongdoing
  • That the breach caused the injury
  • That the injured victim suffered real tangible and intangible damages due to the injury

Why Choose Us for Your College Park Personal Injury Case?

At Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers of College Park, we have a passion for pursuing justice for our injured clients and their families through financial compensation. We understand how to maximize your damages claim so you can focus your attention on healing while we focus on filing paperwork, negotiating with insurance companies, and litigating before a judge if the case requires a court appearance. You could receive compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical costs and future medical treatment
  • Lost wages and future lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Other non-economic damages like emotional trauma, loss of pleasure in life, and loss of consortium

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, the law is on your side. Sadly, insurance companies and at-fault plaintiffs are not. Contact our personal injury attorneys today so we can begin working on your unique injury case. With a free evaluation and contingency-based fee, you pay nothing upfront and we only take a fee after you collect your compensation.