Automotive Recalls

When a motor vehicle manufacturer “fails to warn” drivers of malfunctioning parts, known dangers, or automotive defects or recalls, it can wreak havoc on the road. Georgia law stipulates that if the manufacturer ignores or delays issuing automotive recalls that could have prevented a catastrophic injury, the victim may deserve compensation.

Calamity caused by defective parts devastates and changes lives, creates stress, and often fractures families. Savannah automotive recall attorneys at Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers calculate the impact of a life disrupted by a malfunctioning or dangerous product and advises accordingly.

When mechanical failure, tire blowouts from separating plies, faulty seat belts, defective lights, or steering mechanisms fail while driving, it places innocent bystanders and other vehicles in jeopardy as well. Farm equipment failures, truck crashes, and motorcycle wrecks can create damages that reach into a range of a million dollars or more, and on-going medical needs only add to this amount.

Neglected warnings and recalls do not merely apply to roadway vehicles. Vehicles used for recreation—ATVs, jet skis, and the like—usually reach high rates of speed, and a defective part can cause catastrophic, high-dollar damage to person and property. Severed limbs; burns and explosions; and other personal injuries resulting from defects can create lifetime medical expenses that should be compensated by the at-fault manufacturer.

Don’t settle for inadequate offers from insurance companies intent on shirking their responsibilities. An injured victim should never be made to feel as if a legitimate claim is somehow grasping and greedy. The insurance company delay tactics cause unnecessary added strain to an already stressful situation. If you are concerned about automotive recalls—or are a victim or have a loved one who was victimized by a failure to warn or defective part—in the coastal regions of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, call Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers.