Business Litigation

In addition to personal injury and wrongful death cases, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers is well versed in business litigation. The types of cases are identified as negotiations or disputes; misappropriation of trade secrets; intellectual property rights; executive employment disputes; defamation, libel and slander; tortious interference claims; breaches of fiduciary duties; and contract disputes. Maintaining a business is tough, and Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers understands the full extent of a company’s assets—its name and reputation with the marketplace, its workforce, and its financial health.

0General Business Negotiations and Disputes

As experienced advisors and counselors, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers focuses on maximizing the value during negotiations through exploring creative and mutually beneficial solutions.

Misappropriation of Trade Secrets

Patents, copyrights, or trademarks protect intellectual properties from misappropriation, conversion, or unlawful dissemination. The law protects other pieces of proprietary information under the guise of trade secrets, and like patents, violations are subject to legal action. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers skillfully presents trade secret cases and offers a unique combination of business experience and litigation expertise to successfully challenge offenders.

Intellectual Property Claims

The intellectual property of a business is often at the core of its operations, contributing to both revenue and consumer value. In today’s high-technology economy, intellectual property violations have become almost commonplace. The law enforcing your rights in these situations is highly complex, and businesses need expert representation to protect their property. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers has worked with some of the best patent attorneys in the area to develop client patents and intellectual property and have successfully prosecuted on a number of patent infringement and trademark claims.

Executive Employment Disputes

Executives almost always work pursuant to a contract—a binding promise that defines their rights and responsibilities as an employee of a corporation. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers has extensive experience negotiating a wide range of contractual issues and will provide legal guidance and aggressive representation in such cases.

Defamation, Libel, and Slander

The name and reputation of a business is one of its most important assets. Defamatory statements create incredible amounts of damage, and the law governs accordingly. Businesses and individuals with defamation claims need to hire competent, experienced litigators to pursue these claims. Proven in this type of litigation, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers will stand by—and uphold—your good name.

Tortious Interference Claims

Georgia law protects all parties to a contract from the unlawful interference of a third party. When someone steps in and causes the loss of a business opportunity or a breach of contract, the aggrieved party may have a claim for tortious interference with business relations. If you have a tortious interference claim, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers will explore the possibilities in detail and will provide you with sound advice and effective representation.

Breaches of Fiduciary Duties

Bankers, investment managers, corporate officers, and, of course, lawyers, all have a fiduciary responsibility. Most often, this fiduciary duty is as simple as placing the interests of the client or business ahead of their own. However, self-dealing and breaches of fiduciary duty do happen, and the consequences are often very serious—especially for small businesses and individuals with limited resources. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers understands these situations and are prepared to pursue these types of claims against even the most powerful, well-funded corporate interests.

Contract Disputes

Lawyers draft contracts to record the expectations of each party ahead of time, in order to avoid litigation down the road. However, this effort becomes ineffective when parties disagree about the implications of the contract, or when one party fails to honor the terms of the agreement. In these cases, businesses need the experienced guidance of Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers, who can pursue their breach of contract claim from a litigator’s perspective.