Bowen Painter, LLC Wins at Trial After Insurance Company Denies Claim

Posted on 07/22/15

in The News

On July 21, 2015 a Chatham County jury found in favor of an injured woman represented by Bowen Painter, LLC. Attorneys Andrew Bowen and Paul Painter orchestrated a two day trial after the Defendant’s insurance company denied their injured client’s claim. After two hours of deliberation, the jury awarded money damages to Bowen Painter’s client in an amount that was ten times higher than what the defense attorney told the jury the case was worth.

Unfortunately, insurance companies’ current business tactic is to deny valid claims with the hope that the injured person and his or her attorney will be either too scared to go to trial or too inexperienced or incompetent to win. The Savannah personal injury attorneys at Bowen Painter have a proven track record of calling the insurance company on their bluff, taking cases to trial, and winning.