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Navigating the Risks: How Increased Trucking Traffic at the Port of Savannah Impacts Road Safety

As a personal injury law firm based in Savannah, Georgia, Bowen Painter, LLC, is deeply committed to advocating for those injured in trucking accidents. The rise in trucking traffic at the Port of Savannah has brought economic prosperity to our region but has also resulted in a concerning increase in truck-related wrecks on our roads…

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Seeking Justice for Truckers: Our Experience in Representing Victims of Negligent Driving by Fellow Truckers

In the world of trucking, where long hours and demanding schedules are the norm, accidents can happen. However, what happens when the cause of an accident is not just chance or a simple mistake, but negligence by another truck driver? Professional truck drivers are often themselves the victims of negligent driving by other truckers, facing…

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What is a Trucks No Zone

Posted on 01/23/23

in Truck Accidents

A Truck no zone, also known as a blind spot, is an area around a large truck or semi-truck that the driver is unable to see. It’s important for all drivers to understand where these areas are located so they can avoid them and drive safely. Types of Trucks No Zones  Trucks no zones come…

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