What If I Had a Car Accident Due to Malfunctioning Traffic Lights?

Posted on 01/22/19

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As drivers, we depend on traffic lights and signage to help us navigate the roads and intersections. When it comes to traffic signals, a malfunctioning one can wreak havoc on normal intersection flow. If you have been in a car accident due to malfunctioning traffic lights, determining who is liable for a car accident can be difficult to sort out due to the confusion regarding a driver’s duties when traffic lights malfunction.

malfunctioning traffic lights

When traffic signals blackout or malfunction, the individual drivers or pedestrians navigating the intersection may have liability and, in some cases, the government entity (city, county or state) may be liable for the car accident. Fighting a case involving a malfunctioning traffic signal is challenging to understand and a car accident attorney in Savannah can help you with your case.

What Causes Traffic Lights to Malfunction

Malfunctioning traffic lights occur for a number of reasons. While rare, they contribute to a number of accidents each year, and some even result in death. Traffic lights can become faulty if there are severe weather conditions, such as high winds and rain that damage circuits and cause traffic lights to malfunction.

Sometimes a traffic light is improperly installed or it may not be maintained properly causing a car accident where someone is injured. Sometimes, these traffic lights conflict, showing green at the same time. This can cause an accident as both motorists think they have the right away.

In certain times, malfunctioning traffic lights may not provide enough time for a pedestrian to cross the street. This can cause a traffic backup that results in a crash from behind. In all these instances, it is safe to say the traffic lights were to blame for the accident that occurred.

Who is to Blame for an Accident Caused by Malfunctioning Traffic Lights?

This is the tricky part. Is the city considered at fault when a traffic control device isn’t functioning properly? When it comes to malfunctioning traffic lights, the entity responsible for maintaining the light can be held accountable. Counties and municipalities have a statutorily imposed duty to ensure roads are safe for users.

In some cases, the city may be, but seeking financial compensation from a government body can be difficult even when they are clearly at fault. This is where an experienced car accident attorney comes into play. At Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers, we have invaluable experience with similar cases and can counsel you on the best approach to recover financially for your damages. At the same time, we can also pursue a remedy with your insurance company regardless of whether you received a ticket.

What are Your Rights if Your Accident was Caused by Malfunctioning Traffic Lights?

When it comes to faulty traffic lights that caused your car accident, you do have rights. There are times where you may be able to receive compensation from a government entity to help pay your medical bills and lost wages from work. Also, you can receive a settlement from a municipality that was at fault for your accident for your vehicle damage instead of another driver.

Working with one of our Savannah car accident attorneys can help when malfunctioning traffic lights are to blame for your car crash. We will help you determine if you have a claim against the government or another driver.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney in Savannah

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