Safe Holiday Driving Tips: How to Avoid a Car Accident

Posted on 12/23/18

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In 2017, AAA forecasted 107.3 million Americans traveled during the year-end holiday period with the vast majority hitting the roads in vehicles. This holiday season likely won’t be any different and if you do plan to travel, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers has compiled a list of safe holiday driving tips that can increase your chances of avoiding a terrible accident.

Safe holiday driving

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who plan to drive during the year-end holiday period, a few safe holiday driving tips may ensure your trip is smooth sailing. AAA reports that 2017 was the highest year-end travel volume on record and a 3.1 percent increase in travel volume compared with 2016. 2017 also marked the ninth consecutive year of rising year-end holiday travel and if the trend continues, 2018 could beat that record.

With so many people traveling this holiday season, there is no question that there will be a large amount of traffic on our roads and highways. Unfortunately, this means that there is a heightened risk of car accidents. At Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers we hope you stay safe on the roads as you travel to see friends and family, so, we’ve put together a list of some of the best defenses when it comes to safe holiday driving.

Safe Holiday Driving Tips

  1. Vehicle check. Before you leave for your destination, make sure you check your vehicle. This includes a thorough check of your vehicle’s tires, brakes, turn signals, windshield wipers, headlights, engine, and fluids. If repairs are necessary, take care of those before you travel. This will reduce your chance of an accident caused by maintenance failure.
  2. Avoid peak times. Avoid traveling through major cities during peak travel times. The best times to leave are typically early morning or after the morning commute because the roads should be less crowded and you will have more time to get to your destination safely. If your schedule permits, traveling on the holiday itself often results in fewer cars on the road.
  3. Be patient. With millions of Americans on the roads, it’s important that you try to stay patient. There will likely be traffic congestion and possibly other accidents that could cause delays. Don’t tailgate, speed, or change lanes erratically. This will reduce the chances of an accident.
  4. Watch for distracted and unsafe drivers. In 2017, more than 1,500 people died on Georgia’s roads. The primary culprit? Preventable crashes caused by unsafe behaviors. Seventy percent of fatalities were caused by unsafe driving behaviors, including distractions, impairment or driving too fast for conditions. Drivers should designate a passenger to serve as their official text messenger and navigator.
  5. Rest up. Get plenty of rest before setting out on a holiday road trip and schedule breaks every two hours or 100 miles to remain alert and avoid driving drowsy.
  6. Designate a safe driver. If you plan to consume alcohol during the holidays, it’s important to remember to designate a driver if you need a ride home. Many drunk driving accidents happen during the holidays.

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