Tips from a Georgia Personal Injury for Starting the New Year Safely

Posted on 01/1/24

in Personal Injury

When welcoming in the New Year, there’s no better time to focus on safety. Personal safety and injury prevention are key aspects of our lives that often fade into the background amidst celebrations and festivities, but they should never be disregarded. Keep reading to learn about potential dangers as well as important tips from a Georiga personal injury attorney to help you navigate potential hazards as we embark on the new year.

Common Hazards To Be Aware Of

It can be beneficial to familiarize yourself with some of the most common causes of personal injuries in Georgia, particularly around the New Year, which comes with holidays and difficult weather. Among them are:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Road accidents are prevalent during the winter months due to issues like increased traffic – especially around holidays – and challenging weather conditions such as rain, sleet, or snow making the roads more slippery.

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall incidents tend to occur more frequently during the winter season as well because sidewalks or entranceways may be slippery from snow or ice. Dangers exist even inside buildings, as people tracking in moisture can also contribute towards slippery surfaces, leading to slips and falls.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace incidents may increase during the holiday and New Year season due to a combination of factors. First, seasonal employees who aren’t as familiar with regular safety procedures and standards may be more susceptible to injuries. Additionally, long-time employees could become prone to accidents if they are working extra hours or performing tasks hurriedly under increased holiday pressure – fatigue being a primary contributor here.

Safety Tips Going Into The New Year

Keeping safe throughout the New Year celebrations and beyond is essential. Here are some crucial safety tips drawn from years of personal injury law practice:

Stay Safe on The Roads

As a driver, always adhere strictly to traffic laws – that includes not speeding, obeying all stop signs and traffic signals, avoiding texting or any form of distraction while driving, and staying vigilant for pedestrians and cyclists.

For safety as a pedestrian, use marked crosswalks whenever possible since drivers expect you there more often than on other parts of the road. Make sure to observe traffic signals and never assume a driver sees you or will stop for you – make eye contact if possible before stepping onto the road. Avoid using phones or headphones while crossing streets to keep your attention on the surrounding traffic.

As a cyclist, staying safe means understanding and respecting the rules of the road. Use designated bike lanes whenever available and always ride in the same direction as traffic. Make sure to wear protective gear, especially helmets.

Be Cautious on Icy Surfaces

Navigating slick surfaces, whether outside due to winter weather or inside from wet shoes, demands caution so you can avoid slip and fall accidents. Pay attention to where you’re going and stay off of your cell phone while walking.

Be Prepared for Emergencies

An emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle or home stocked with necessary items like first aid supplies and essential food/water can be valuable during unexpected situations.

Have a Personal Injury Lawyer You Trust

Last but not least, having trustworthy legal assistance readily available can be invaluable. If an accident occurs that leads to a personal injury issue, reaching out promptly to a credible lawyer is highly advisable.

We’re always here for you if you need help; contact our Savannah personal injury attorney today to schedule a free consultation.