5 Most Common Causes of Summertime Injuries

Posted on 07/28/23

in Personal Injury

The warm weather and sunny days of summer are the perfect setting for spending more time outdoors and engaging in recreational activities. However, as we enjoy these outdoor activities, the chances of suffering from injury may increase. Knowing what to look out for can make all the difference, and if you’ve been injured due to any of these causes, a Savannah personal injury attorney can help you navigate the legal process.

Some of the most common causes of summertime injuries include the following:

Car Accidents

During the summer months, there is often a spike in car accidents. Here are some reasons why:

Increased Traffic

With the beautiful weather and vacation time, there’s generally more traffic on the roads. More vehicles mean a higher chance of collisions, the odds amplified by crowded city streets and bustling highways brimming with locals or out-of-towners.

Road Trips

Summer is widely synonymous with road trips – another key contributor to this surge in accident rates. People often travel long distances that they’re not familiar with which can result in navigation errors causing sudden lane changes or breaking other traffic rules. This leads to dangerous situations on the road.

Impaired Driving

Finally, impaired driving is an unfortunate yet significant factor behind increased summertime accidents. Celebrations, parties, and concerts are more prevalent during this season, and these events bring with them the likelihood of excessive alcohol consumption. People often make the poor decision to drive after drinking, which can certainly increase the rate of accidents.


One major cause for concern during summertime is drowning. As people flock to pools, lakes, or the coast, there’s an increased risk, especially among kids and poor swimmers. To stay safe around water, ensure you always supervise children and use flotation devices if needed. Knowing CPR never hurts during crisis situations, too.

Bicycle, Scooter, and Skateboarding Accidents

As you enjoy warm weather rides on bicycles or scooters or show off your skateboarding skills, keep safety in mind.. These activities often result in accidents causing serious harm including fractures and head injuries.

Common reasons behind such mishaps include not paying attention to the road and obstacles that you may encounter, disregarding traffic rules, and not wearing protective gear like helmets and knee pads.

Slip and Fall Incidents

The summer season sees an increase in slip and fall incidents due to factors that include:

Wet Surfaces

As people come and go from the pool, lakes, and beaches, water is often tracked onto surfaces, making them slippery.

Poolside Accidents

Slippery, wet surfaces surrounding pools can lead to falls, resulting in injuries ranging from sprains and fractures to head trauma.

Footwear and Poorly Maintained Premises

Our summertime attire, which typically features sandals and flip-flops, offers less protection and support compared to other footwear. Coupled with surfaces that are uneven, damaged, or poorly maintained, the potential for a slip and fall incident escalates.

Recreational Water Activities Injuries

Water activities peak during summer months, whether it’s jet skiing, boating, or surfing. These activities can be risky if safety measures aren’t adhered to properly. For example, collisions between boats often lead to serious injuries which sometimes even prove fatal.

If you are injured during the summer months, it’s essential to take prompt action to treat your injuries and protect your legal rights. From our car accident attorneys to our slip and fall lawyers, our firm can help guide you through the claims process and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. If you need help, contact us to schedule a free consultation.