Sandy Springs Car Accident Lawyer

Sandy Springs, Georgia has a small-town feel despite its proximity to bustling Atlanta. It also shares major highways like the Georgia 400 and I-285 with Atlanta, making it a congested-traffic area with Fulton county’s serious accident statistics. Car accidents cause great harm to individuals and families, including physical and financial damages.

No one expects their work commute, after-work errands, or weekend family outings to end in a car accident, but when the negligent or reckless driving of another party causes you to have a devastating car accident, you deserve to recover your financial losses so you can focus on your physical recovery.

Why Choose Our Car Accident Attorneys in Sandy Springs?

At Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers, our team of Georgia trial lawyers have compassion for those struggling to recover from car accident injuries and understand the challenge of taking on insurance companies while you’re vulnerable. That’s why we are ready to offer a free evaluation of your case so we can begin the thorough and diligent work your case deserves to maximize your compensation. Call our Sandy Springs law office today so we can begin representing your best interests.

Proving Fault in Georgia Car Accidents

Georgia is an at-fault insurance state, which means that it matters who caused a car accident, whether it was a reckless, speeding, distracted, or intoxicated driver or a traffic signal poorly maintained by a state agency. According to Georgia’s comparative fault law, each person in an accident can still recover compensation even if they are found to be partly at fault. For instance, if someone else ran a red light and collided with your car but you were speeding, you could be found to be 10% at fault. Because of the state’s comparative fault law, you can still recover 90% of your damages.

Sadly, insurance companies use common tactics like trying to assign you a greater percentage of fault in the accident in order to lowball your settlement. An experienced car accident attorney in Sandy Springs understands how to negotiate with powerful insurance companies from a position of evidence-backed strength in order to secure the ample settlement you deserve.

What Compensation Can I Gain in a Car Accident Case in Sandy Springs?

A serious car accident can have an unfortunate ripple effect on a family’s finances. When the actions of another driver caused an accident, their insurance must compensate you for your economic and non-economic damages including:

  • Your medical bills
  • Future medical expenses if you require further treatment
  • Lost wages due to your injuries and recovery time
  • Future diminished earnings due to ongoing treatments and/or disability caused by the accident
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium, lowered life quality, emotional trauma, and other non-economic damages

Often, the non-economic damages like pain and loss of enjoyment of life are the most difficult aspects of recovering from an accident. If a loved one passed away due to the accident, you may need some time to grieve that loss. While money can’t fix these intangible losses, it can help reduce financial worries while you focus on healing. In the event a loved one has passed due to a car accident, call our wrongful death attorneys in Sandy Springs today.

What You Can Do After an Accident to Protect Your Future

If your accident was catastrophic, you may be able to do little but wait in place for help, especially if you were in a motorcycle accident hit by a bigger car. If you’re able to move about without causing further injury, take the following steps—or hand your phone to someone else to do them for you—to help protect your family’s future:

  • Call 911 to report the accident
  • Use your phone’s camera to snap photos of the damaged vehicles and accident scene, including relevant factors like intersections and traffic lights
  • Gather contact information from other involved drivers and eyewitnesses
  • Allow emergency transport to a hospital and undergo a thorough evaluation
  • Ask for a detailed report of your injuries and necessary treatments
  • Obtain a copy of the police report
  • Gather the records you need and call the Sandy Springs car accident attorneys at Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers

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The Sandy Springs car accident attorney team at Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers has a strong community reputation and local resources. Insurance adjusters understand our willingness to take our clients’ claims all the way to court, often making them willing to negotiate an out-of-court settlement that more than satisfies your damages. Our free consultations and contingency-based fees mean you owe nothing until we secure your compensation. Call our car accident lawyers at (912) 335-1909 or contact our Sandy Springs office today so we can work on a plan for your car accident case.