As one of the premier law firms in the Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers is well positioned, deeply experienced, and ultimately privileged to serve our colleagues throughout the legal community by adding scale and expertise to referring attorneys’ cases.

While open to most arrangements, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers regularly engages in four basic types of referral relationships:

  • Acting as lead counsel on cases in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida that are referred from attorneys and firms located outside these geographic areas;
  • Acting as local counsel for attorneys and firms who need well-respected local representation with a community presence;
  • Acting as lead counsel for cases referred by local attorneys and firms who specialize in other areas of the law or lack experience in our practice areas; and,
  • Serving as co-counsel to attorneys and firms when a case is simply too complex or too costly to successfully litigate alone.

We have built nearly 90% of our practice on cases from referring attorneys and firms. We think that track record speaks volumes about the breadth and sophistication of our specialization.

At Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers, we have paid millions of dollars in referral fees in the past few years, and no disputes have ever arisen from our referral agreements. We are proud that several attorneys who were previously opponents of ours at trial and in litigation have since sent us cases. We will work with referring attorneys to structure cases to achieve the best outcome possible for clients.