Workplace Injuries

Nobody should have to worry about their personal safety or security when they show up to work to earn their living and provide for their family. But because of companies’ negligence (often due to deliberate efforts to cut costs), employees often become injured while on the job and become victims of the very companies who should be taking care of them.

Workplace injuries are a broad category of injuries that occur on a jobsite, while using work equipment, or while traveling on company business. Despite the serious nature of some workplace injuries, worker’s compensation benefits only reimburse lost wages and medical claims. Workplace injury victims, however, often have claims that may be worth well above and beyond what worker’s compensation will cover.

Every workplace injury claim is different. We must investigate every incident extensively, but at Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers we know how to find all potential insurance.  We fight vigorously for our clients’ rights because we know standard worker’s compensation insurance alone often does not come close to making a victim whole again. Our compelling legal strategies have won millions in judgments and settlements for our workplace injury clients in just the past few years.

IMPORTANT:  Even if you were injured on the job, you may not be limited to recovering only from worker’s compensation.  We specialize in investigating on-the-job injuries to determine whether there are wrongdoers who we can hold responsible for your injuries so you can be fully compensated for your loss.  DO NOT LET YOUR EMPLOYER TELL YOU THAT YOU ARE LIMITED TO A WORKER’S COMPENSATION RECOVERY WITHOUT TALKING TO US.