Truck Wrecks & Collisions

Truck, tractor-trailer, and semi wrecks and collisions often result in substantial amounts of damage—to both person and property. Victims throughout the coastal regions of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida should call Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers when they need an attorney experienced in negotiating high-dollar settlements resulting from these types of collisions.

Proven negotiators Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers rigorously research each case to reveal the true cause of the wreck. Whether it be a result of speeding, driver distraction, text messaging, or cell phone usage, Bowen Painter identifies the source and places responsibility where it belongs.

After establishing negligence, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers negotiate a pre-suit settlement offer with the at-fault driver and his or her insurance company. In cases in which the statute of limitations has nearly expired, negotiations failed, or when serving the defendant with legal papers becomes difficult, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers immediately file a lawsuit. If there is flexibility in the timeline, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers prefer a more deliberate, methodical, and carefully crafted approach that presents well in court and will deliver the highest verdict or settlement possible.

Truck collisions are usually the result of inadequate training; driver fatigue; drug or alcohol impairment; brake failure; driver negligence; blowouts or defective tires; or a disregard of federal trucking regulations. However, the driver of the truck may not be the only one at fault. If the accident happened during the course of a driver’s workday, the trucking company, as the employer, may also be liable. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers inspect driver logs and company records to reveal inconsistencies and identify those at fault.

For truck or semi collisions, you need an attorney who fights on your behalf—especially during the delicate time after you (or a loved one) have suffered serious injury. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers know how to investigate crash reports, how to dismiss alternative theories designed to distract from the truth, and most importantly, how to present timely legal and insurance documentation that proves liability.