Vehicle Wrecks & Collisions

Car wrecks and collisions result in injuries ranging from severe to fatality, and often affect victims and their families for a lifetime. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers specializes in vehicle wrecks and are fluent in a victim’s present, ongoing, or latent needs—whether they be medical, financial, or physical. While other firms may accept the initial settlements offered by insurance companies, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers analyzes all aspects of your particular case and fights until you recover the highest amount possible.

Auto wrecks arise from drunk or impaired drivers; a driver’s disregard for the rules of the road; careless or aggressive maneuvering; or even a vehicular defect. You need an attorney who has the experience, will, and strategic expertise to conduct an investigation. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers specializes in these types of cases and can identify both negligence and opportunity.

If another’s negligence has resulted in you or a loved one becoming severely injured in a car collision or wreck, consult attorneys Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers for advice. Serving the coastal regions of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers uses years of courtroom experience to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.