Savannah Serious Injury Lawyer

Serious injuries stem from any crash or collision, neglect, or defect, and can affect victims—and their families—for generations. Car wrecks, collisions, or crashes; medical malpractices—including the negligence of a person or of prescribing medications; slip and falls; boating wrecks and collisions; explosions or exposure to hazardous materials; motorcycle wrecks and collisions; and even a dangerous job or workplace task may all result in catastrophic injury. Even the most favorable of cases can cause severe emotional, financial, and physical hardship, with the loss of life being an extreme, but the very real outcome. Contact our Savannah serious injury attorneys today at (912) 335-1909 for a free consultation of your case.

Types of Serious Injuries:

Burns; brain damage; spinal cord or back damage; paralysis; birth defects; severe allergic reactions; amputations; and trauma are all types of serious injuries sustained by victims. Treating these injuries is a very daunting and uphill fight. Injuries of this degree require immediate medical attention, with most needing prolonged supervision and care. In the days and weeks after enduring an injury, it can be difficult to assess ongoing or latent needs, and often, insurance companies are quick to offer a settlement that addresses only short-term needs

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Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers specialize in serious injury cases and are highly skilled in surveying and accounting for long-term needs. Having represented hundreds of clients in cases valued in the hundred-thousands to millions, the talented and experienced attorneys at Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers know where to look for negligence and how to survey damages—whether they be present, ongoing, or future.