Premises Liability

Property owners in the coastal regions of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida are responsible for the maintenance necessary to preventing injury. Negligent property owners are often to blame for slip-and-falls occurring on wet, broken or uneven floors; thefts or assault stemming from poor lighting or inadequate security; dog bites from unrestrained animals; construction site injuries; or injuries sustained from falling objects, holes, or defective chairs and benches.

Commercial property owners, landlords, managers, and businesses are responsible for regularly inspecting their properties and immediately addressing any inadequacies. Hazardous, unsafe, or defective conditions should be repaired, removed, clearly marked, or blocked off to keep people away from any potential injury.

Failure to conduct this regular inspection could result in a case for Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers—experienced premises liability attorneys. Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers investigates the facts to determine whether you have a case, who is responsible, and how the case should proceed. Premises liability can be complex depending on the different aspects of the case. If the negligence of another has caused you serious injury, it is important to contact a proven premises liability attorney at Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers.