Maritime Injuries

Maritime injuries can arise during a day of recreation or a day at work. Collisions involving speed boats, jet skis, or other large watercraft can cause serious injury, if not death, to those involved. During the trauma, medical treatment (both immediate and ongoing), lost wages, and a decline in quality of life can be very difficult to appraise. You need an attorney with the experience and foresight to recognize these needs so that you receive the highest recovery possible.

Employers are legally responsible for providing a safe working environment on land and at sea. Congress enacted the Jones Act to protect maritime workers—longshoremen; seamen; dock and shipyard workers; tug, dredge, and barge operators; and even bridge workers—from the hazards of the job, including injuries sustained as a result of an employer or co-worker’s oversight or negligence. Collisions, explosions, mechanical malfunctions, and a lack of safety precautions can leave many lives altered, whether they be victims or their families.

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