Georgia and South Carolina car accident lawyers Bowen Painter Trial Lawyers keep their Georgia and South Carolina personal injury practice small in order to focus on their clients: those who have suffered serious/catastrophic vehicular injury or the families of those who have died in a car accident caused by the negligence of the other driver.

Skilled with Car Wreck and Collision Cases

Reckless/aggressive driving and road rage have no place on Georgia’s roads and highways. Accidents caused by someone driving without a license or on a suspended or revoked license is also preventable. Your car accident case may be related to the following:

  • Uninsured Motorists
  • Drug Related
  • Accidents Involving Alcohol
  • Vehicle Rollovers
  • Fatal
  • Brain Injury
  • Passenger Injury
  • Work Related
  • Texting Related
  • Drunk Driver Accident

Injuries can range from permanent brain damage to internal injury to the loss and amputation of a limb. The medical bills alone can quickly climb to a million dollars or more, and loss of wage earning potential, ongoing medical expenses, physical therapy, and pain and suffering can place strain on a family, financially, physically and emotionally as everyone learns to cope with a new reality.

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A vehicle colliding, striking or rear ending another can result in serious injury, but too often car accidents cause death for innocent victims, whether other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. Road rage can lead to assault and/or battery, and reckless driving can end in vehicular homicide and the wrongdoer charged with involuntary or voluntary manslaughter, attempted murder, or murder. An established trial lawyer focuses on wrongful death cases and knows how to present your case in a way that results in the largest possible settlement.

A Savannah Personal Injury Attorney you can Trust

Don’t trust your Georgia and South Carolina settlement with a high volume, high turnover firm that may jump on the first offer from an insurance company, ignoring your pain and suffering as well as disregarding future expenses. For all catastrophic injuries due to car accidents, a Savannah personal injury lawyer from our firm offers experience and a full understanding of all aspects of physical, emotional, and financial needs that arise, whether expected or unexpected.